Khao San Rd

Walk on the left, use the stairs on the left, people drive on the left–my western brain is bring rewired with each step.

I found a clean and tasty looking street vendor and fashioned my worse “sawade ka” thus far and the lil Thai school girls behind me burst into giggles. I turned around quick –laughing with them cause I totally blundered. They helped me order and directed me to the least spicy of the condiments 🙂

A few things I observed today is that the rats are bigger, hairier, and blacker than NYC, the cockroaches are taller and longer then the flying ones in Texas, and there’s about as many cats here as there are at the Roman Coliseum.

However our roof top pool is pretty sweet, the people are friendly, and everything around you basks in the glow of the King. Canals, flowers, and temples–Buddhist Monks chanting in gold mountain echos all through the city streets while frankincense wafts through the air–even the crows are into the vibration and started mimicking their chant!!! Daily offerings of flower and fruits abound– all in one sunrise and one sunset.



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  1. I love that we can follow you on your journey. Much loving
    kindness to you along the path. Love Pat & Adam