Settling In

Today was the first sunny blue day here for me which was about 3x hotter than yesterday. After home made bread and jam was sought out this morning (and so necessary) a bumbling but successful trip to Wat Chana Songkhram occurred where Telah and I were blessed by a monk under the watchful eye of Big Budha.

As we twisted through the back of the temple gates we found sweet dogwood blossoms floating through the air and stumbled upon the cutest lil table of dates and tea and rice-happily perched on a picnic table between temple spires and the most resonating of gongs.

Pricing of goods is beginning to make sense and a greater awareness and understanding if I’m being taken advantage of VS getting a good deal is starting to become more clear. Luckily I’ve only had to pay stupidity tax a handful of times lololol.

I’m impressed by the amount of goods available all the time all around me here. Oooh and today we got to see the fishies that eat your dead flesh! They tickle lolol.

The food here is super yummy with an explosion of complex flavors-milky, spicy, sweet, and delicious! I even saw someone eat crickets and grub worms today–they skipped the scorpion though which I was hoping they d try. Maybe by the end of the trip I’ll give that a shot 😉 I am however VERY excited for my (morning swim and) milky rice and mango breakfast tomorrow!! Hooray!!

Tomorrow night we have an overnight ferry to Ko Pha Nga and will spend about a week in a nearby beach. I’m not sure what our Internet or electricity options will be there so I figured I’d get in a lil update now.

I hope you all are as thrilled as I am that I can upload photos straight from my phone!! Enjoy!

May every day be an adventure no matter where you are.



0 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. It’s wonderful to be on your trip (virtually) with you two!
    Have a glorious wonderful magickal time, ladies!!! xoxoxo

  2. We’re glad your trip is off to a grand start. The pix and stories are wonderful. All the best from we three.

  3. Had a moment when I realised I actually hadn’t bookmarked your blog on my laptop, so then trawled through your FB page until I found the link!
    So glad I did and got to have a catch up on your adventure…even if I am 10 days behind 🙂

    Guess the internet connection in Ko Pha Nga is as bad as you thought.
    Can’t wait to read your next instalment. I’m sure you’ll have lots of stories to share.

    Enjoy your travels my lovely Ali. Stay safe.
    Love you, E.x