Driving motor bikes through mountainous farm lands getting passed by pick up trucks overflowing with hills tribe people, trekking caverns in bamboo forests to the cool side of the cliffs where the water, albeit low in the peak of dry season, still remarkably drops about 40 ft into a clear pool surrounded by old caves.

As we drive back to the roadway many kittens, puppies, and chickens dart across the road and lazily sprawl in the sunshine. Then we saw baby water buffalo!! So cute!! And the older ones were being herded down the road–their wooden bells clacking as they sway side to side with each step–so sweet! One sat calmly on the side of the road chewing grass with a big white egret like bird sitting on his head! We laughed so loud. Then down the road and up and over to the Pai Canyon a striking view and some treacherous climbing options. It was a long late night following our sunset moped ride that lent to fire hooping in the street in front of a rasta bar which paid for our drinks all night long. Regardless, I wrestled myself from sleeping in too late so that I could enjoy the hot springs in the morning time while it’s still cool out here in the mountainside** So Telah and I cruised up the hill to the steaming and bubbling natural mineral hot springs!! Great way to spend the morning for sure then we went up to the Pai Jungle Farm and played with 9 kittens and had the best damn coffee, brewed by the cup, we’ve had the whole trip. Now time for relaxing and reflecting and taking it all in from
the hammock at the riverside on the porch of our bungalow.