Mother Earth Inc.

Houses made of earthen bricks fences made of sticks and
palm. Roads beaten into the clay. Scaffolding made of bamboo
decorations made from flowers boats made of trees. Resourcefulness
is everywhere and technology comes from Mother Earth. Pretty
incredible what one can do when there are no other options sitting
in front of you on a silver platter. In some ways technology holds
us back. Supermarkets wash away farming skills, and money takes
away the barter system. Inflation takes away fair trade and
suddenly we are all working 60 hour weeks with only 2 weeks of
vacation a year. It’s all cyclical as east looks to west and west
looks to east. Full circle, as it turns out Christopher Columbus
was correct about ONE thing- the world is round not flat. There’s s
bunch of westerners doing yoga and a ton of Indians really digging
aerobics. Take one down pass it around 99 bottles of limca on the
ground ( being collected rapidly for the deposit). P.s. If you
haven’t noticed Coca Cola has taken over the world.