Okay so I have to take a moment to geek out about the food.
The food! Black rice pudding with fruit for breakfast, crazy shakes
of all concoction s the mocha coconut is a leading favorite–I
mean–coffe, chocolate, and fresh coconut? Really?! With an orchid
on the glass over looking the ocean–yes please!!? Soft sweet
mango, The schnitzel with lime is impressive the pad Thai has like
an entire omelet on top, lemon mint shake, fresh young coconut all
over the place, fresh toasted coconut oil at the local store,
pineapple fried rice prepared and cooked in half a pineapple to the
point where even the outside skin was so tasty it melted in your
mouth!!! Papaya with lime, spicy hot everything and even right now
I’m sitting an om open air resturaunt called Gunthers–no sign-
just a huge light up fish outside and some puppies at this tripped
out lit up open bungaloo hanging over the shore line of this peak
of the island playing banging minimal techno drinking my cheap
awesome and rich singha beer after I thoroughly enjoyed spaghetti
carbona –alfresco homemade pasta with fresh seafood caught by
Gunther himself earlier this week with Parmesan, mmm life is sweet.
Almost as sweet as that banana nutella crepe with coconut ice cream
on top or the pumpkin –holy taste buds Asian pumpkin is soooooo
good!!! Pumpkin curry, pumpkin salad, pumpkin custard, roasted
pumpkin seeds with hot sauce, green curry, red curry, panang curry,
shredded apple with spicy green Papaya, cucumber, chillis, eggs
Thai style –sunnyside up but crispy on the edges with sweet and
spicy sauce, sweet potatoes served with mayonnaise, vegetable
noodle soup, crazy snacks with raw fruit filling, real Thai tea,
nom nom nom nom …pictures of food upon my return xo