paradise found

First. . . you have to travel half way around the world. Then you have to find your bearings. Next you get on a bus and take it 9 hours down the coast. . then you board a ferry. Skip the first island, get off on the second and then get in a taxi truck. . . next jump out at the top of the tallest hill and make your way down its dirt paths. YOu think . . .wow this is one the prettiest places I havever seen . .  Dont mind the foam flying out of the pool at the hotel over there, or the monkey on the leash, or the infinite 7-11’s–or the cute shitzus named “Thank You” and “Sorry “walk to the beach. . .and of course who is the first person you meet. . . the owner of the place you are headed to. Every other person who said hello and asked where you were headed and you didnt even flinch. . but for whatever reason. . . this time you answer.  He walks you to the beach and you hop in the orange and white taxi boats. The green blue water splashes around you as you board each and every wave around the coast. . . .and then you pull up onto this secluded beach built into the side of the mountain and everyone is so lovely and friendly and the places are so nice and you realize. . . wait. . . no this is the prettiest place I have seen yet. . . . and then you smile and throw yourself onto the beach and stay there all afternoon and into the night and watch the moonrise and reflect brilliant gold off the blue green water and let the wind swing you to sleep.


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