Following the epic wedding of Stefan and KJ a clown car of us piled in and headed south down to Tulum-a beautiful sea town with aqua waters and rich in Mayan history. The sand on the beaches is soft and white, shade is findable and the water is the most inviting temperature I have found yet. Crystal clear, fresh water or salt, your toes are always visible. Lizards and birds of every size, color, and style thrive here and make up the orchestra of your surroundings amongst the coconuts and the mangroves. Also in some parts of Mexico dogs out number humans 7 to 1!! So don’t be surprised by lots of roaming pooches.

We stayed at a lovely place called Yoga Shala. Our room was circular, open air, and tall with a thatched roof and a big cozy clean bed under the towering and dream like white mosquito net right across from the ocean. We could hear the waves from our bed. They offer over 20 yoga classes a week and have free wifi. Bicycles and breakfast are also available for an extra fee.

Karma Cafe opened during our stay here and became a quick favorite. It’s just in front of Yoga Shala and offers the best coffee I found during my entire stay in Mexico. Laura, the friendly and accommodating host at Karma Cafe has been combing the region for the best blend of local roasted beans and her hard work has definitely paid off- A triple bean blend offering rich and tasty medium bodied coffee that will put the other weak, charred, or nescafe coffee options up and down the coast to shame. Karma Cafe also offers delicious eggs, croissants, fresh fruit, and home made veggieburgers. Great for a yummy affordable morning treat or to take away and have a good snack at the beach. Her prices are appropriate and there is nothing else like this beautiful little grove with tree swing seating and mirrored sparkle decor floating in the trees around you anywhere else in Tulum. It was an inviting alternative, especially once you see that every menu around you offers food half as good for twice as much. I think they will do quite well and wish this lil outdoor cafe the best. If ever in Tulum pay them a visit!

Mexico is well known for it’s caves and Tulum, specifically, for its cenotes!! Cenotes ( pronounced si-note-ay’s) are cave systems full of water that you can swim in!!! We visited a few but the Gran Cenote was my favorite-again with this clear aqua water-but now under water with stalactites and stalagmites!! And turtles and fish. When you first see some of the cenotes it kind of just looks like a hole in the ground –but the real magick is under the surface, bring or rent some snorkel gear, and suddenly this shallow pond is actually a great deep wide expanse stretching well beneath the earth. Take a deep breath, dive down, and you are now in an underwater paradise. So amazing!!

Bus is a good way to get around Mexico-we got a first class bus (with a movie) straight from Tulum to the airport in cancun (2hrs) for 15 bucks-or you can arrange a private cab for $70 usd.

The prices in Tulum are definitely soaring. Most budget accommodation is around $40-50 bucks a night – and varies greatly from moist shacks and tents on the beach to comfortable bungalows. There are LOTS of higher end places available if you want to pay more. I personally, growing up in Texas, was amazed by how expensive Mexico has become- sure the area I was in is a bit touristy and yes decent and authentic tacos can be found for 2-3 bucks, but you really had to dig. Most restaurants dinner prices along the water start at $12-14 a plate and can go as high as $60. Our crew did find an amazing flautas restaurant in town where we were served straight up in someones house. It was good and cheap and almost all of us ordered seconds and thirds. I was appalled by the airport prices though-I’m usually prepared for the shock of the inflated airport situation but cancun airport was RIDICULOUS!! $16 usd for a burrito? $14usd for a subway sandwhich? $20 usd for nachos? Adios Mexico! I sucked it up and ate at my connection in the USA in route to Bali-my $6 loaded baked potato the size of my face was well worth the wait and the price. It was also such a treat to use an ATM and not have to pay an extra $5 to take money out too* Bless America! Lol But I’ll have to catch up with her in May cause this girl is headed off to Indonesia with my love to dive head first into Balinese culture, food, art, dance -and yes, of course, The Ocean!!!