Island Musings

Looking out onto the Green green sea. Jungle dreams grow into reality. Monkey pillow-talk joins our own as we ready for our departure from this magical island. 3 weeks breezed by with barely a moments notice. Warm tropical breeze, the transformational give and take of the tides, the jabber of the boat men as they vie to double their rate. Personal interaction is the main form of entertainment-along with sharing delicious food, giant waves, and a good dance.

Coconut shakes, fruit shakes, my new personal favorite lemon mint mango shake mmmmmm pumpkin salad, pumpkin curry, fried pumpkin cashew, mmmmm Asian pumpkin. It is so super yum! You can find it in the states usually sold as kombucha squash – it’s a short squat green pumpkin and oh so good!

The ways to relax are bountiful and endless. Your biggest decisions are to lay on this beach or that one and which of your favorite treats you choose to indulge in on this day at this time. Exhausting!! All this doing nothing!! Lololololol.

Well, I suppose that’s not all true. I did manage to teach a really successful hoop workshop in such an epic space. We were on a platform on the side of the mountain, in the jungle, overlooking the ocean for three days. All of my students were so awesome, great learners, and really rocked the hoop!! We also did a special fire circle where each of them were given the opportunity to fire hoop for the first time ever. A special time was had by all.

I was also awarded the opportunity to perform with SPARK Circus and help raise money for their mission of bringing joy and circus to the refugee camps.

Each time I go back farther and deeper into the jungle. Her intricacies and creatures constantly surprise me. The way the milipedes legs peruse the dirt Rockette style, the symphony of frogs and all the different instruments they play, the natural cycles carefully balanced between which blossoms are in bloom and the exact moment each new and different butterfly bursts from it’s caccoon. All in such perfect timing. Cosmic divine. Synchronicity. And so much love.