Vroom vroom

Arambol was an adventure. Lots of hot girls riding kickass
motor cycles. Lots of folks stopping with nice bikes to give free
rides, yummy food, gypsy gear, drum circles, lovely conversation,
cow fields, sweet Indian families, hot sun, full beach, and
motorcycle taxi rides to anjuna. I ended up in Anjuna twice. Once
for the night market which was an incredible experience. I was
expecting a lil building with some booths- but this market truly
was like nothing I had ever seen. It was a full on outdoor bizarre
with 12-15 piece bands playing non stop, bars, food, Indian goods,
local designers, and European craftsman all selling their wares.
What a beautiful and magickal place. Wow. The second time I arrived
in anjuna was for a proper beach party that I got to perform with a
fire crew at. I ran into friends from Thailand and Montreal. It was
the Goa I had heard about for all these years. I’m glad I was able
to pilgrimage and shop but was also happy to return to my lil
seaside sleepy farm town of Galgibaga. I’ve been in such a
dedicated and serene place and it has been so good for me. I can’t
even believe I head out tomorrow for Tamil Nadu. Xo