Electric Candy Couture Lights the Way!

One day at a party Bruce flipped a shiny coin into the air. Its iridescence caught my glance and summoned this faerie right over for a closer look.

“TREASURE!!” My inner heart screamed!

Inscribed into the iridescent acrylic coin was a beautiful dragonfly! This was the first of many creations that Bruce Lindsay created that caused my jaw to drop in awe and splendor.

Fusing his collective past interests and experience in armor and chain mail with his involvement in the underground art scene-Bruce creatively stumbled onto the idea-of-the-century for creative fashion lovers at large. He calls it Electric Candy Couture.Electric Candy is one of the coolest fashion accessories or outfits one can own. Not only is it interesting, different, hand-made, iridescent, glows in black light, and pretty much makes any look more awesome- it’s super light, easy to use, and priced fairly for the hours upon hours of manual labour that go into each unique and interesting piece. I got to experience the craftsmanship and possibilities of Electric Candy when I modeled for him last fall. I have to say- I’m hooked!

(Photo by Loren Darklyng )

Small trinkets to full on gladiator headpieces to winged shoulders with ancient inscriptions in them- Electric Candy has a little something for everyone. I love wearing Electric Candy due to its uniqueness, light weight, durability, and ease of use. Personally, I am looking forward to collaborating on the design of a full body piece/dress created out of his colorful iridescent acrylic pieces in 2014.

Bruce is prolific, diligent, and has an eye for color and fashion. If he can dream it- he can make it. There is simply nothing that can stop him from being a successful upstart independent business in this corporate fueled world- but there is something that could help him on his way– funding! He has 6 days left to raise $19,000. So in the season of giving I encourage you to check out artist Bruce Lindsay’s Kickstarter to bring Electric Candy Couture to the next level!

Help this artist bring more awesome into the world and take home a piece for yourself by pitching in! He is offering tons of his pieces at 20% less directly through the kickstarter to help him reach his goal in six short days. If you are excited about his work but can’t donate- help by sharing his kickstarter and getting out the word!

Fashionably yours~

Ali Luminescent


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