The Intergalactic Unicorns Ali Luminescent, Christine Geiger, and Claire de Luxe!

Photo by JD Urban / Terry Johnston
Photo by JD Urban / Terry Johnston

The Intergalactic Unicorns is a stilt trio dreamed up and coated in spikes and Swarovski crystals. Leather wrapped luxuriousness 10 ft tall illuminating the room with their glowing horns and fiberoptic tails like a celestial bodies ready to rock your world!

We had the great honor to perform at the Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP Gallery show where we pranced and partied at this glorious event. We were swooned by the talented velvety voices of Tony Award Winner Billy Porter, Robin de Jesus, Lance Horne, and Elizabeth A. Davis. Jacob Langfelder did an amazing job producing this event!


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Photo by Adrian Buckmaster