All the things

As you near the end of time in one place all the things you love about it rush onto you like a fresh breeze. You instantaneously start tapping back into the feelings, sensations, and perceptions we all so quickly come to take for granted.

Im leaving Ubud, I ve left before, but was not going so far away.
Ubud I will miss you and all of your secret ways.

Your warm and sweet ancestral love, incense wafting out of every window and door.
Ubud I will miss you. I will miss your dragonflies galore.
I will miss the lil dance of the taxi drivers call and the unbelievable taste of the nasi campur.

Weve been so spoiled every morning -breakfast brought to our door. Fruit tower, banana pancake,pineapple pancake, omelet, scramble, local plate, you could never ask for more!

Ubud I will miss you and all your ceremony! THe holy water flicked by flowers onto every single thing. The celebration of knowledge, of love, and of history. The gamelon floating and hanging thick in the air, with every moment hammering the story of a thousand years.

Offerings made everyday, dogs following along the way, motorbike buzz, and rhumbutan love, and flowering passoinfruit vines, Ubud my dear, your vision is clear, your liveliness frozen in time. And Bats! Ill miss the bats. They are large and loud and clattering around but i still love their presence so. The geckos! My favorite house pet ever. We even had a hip hop gecko at one place he was so cute, saying Geck-Geck-Geck-Geck-OOOOOOO. they are big , bigger and small. .. .your lil friend hangingout by the light on the wall xo

So many lil magickal wonders loom in every nook and every crack-what a place to discover and be rediscovered back, ubud, already, you are like a long lost friend.

Ubud you breed flowers, bells, coconuts and reeds!
I am parting, it is true, but it is not nearly the end of this, only onward, gayly forward, merely shifting continents.