Back to NYC

Wow. Back to New York City which is an adventure all amongst itself. Upon my return I attended a faerie wedding in the most beautiful of places (pictured above). I had an epic photoshoot with Pixievision Productions, spent some downtime in North Carolina with my Hoop Family, I found a new and amazing home in Brooklyn and as of last night it’s back to the grindstone gigging.

I really appreciate how underwelmimg taking a gig is these days. No anxiety, no bullshit, no overworking. I learned how to work the appropriate set time-how to give just enough of myself, how to stay close on the managers heels to get paid on time. It’s also a good way for me to see bars and clubs even though I’m not a bar fly. A way to drink for no
Money and paid practice time to refine hooping in small spaces.

All and all re-entry is happening. Slowly slipping back into my own shoes and refilling space but also making the necessary adjustments for growth and nurturing moments.

Thank you NYC for always being the magick that I hoped you be.