Bat Signal

Adventures taken on like fresh breaths of air I near completion of our west coast circuit. Slowly crawling across the sky like the fog of San Francisco rolling over the hills- I will creep into NYC in the middle of the night. Silently tip toeing over summer who has just laid down to rest.

Time will be necessary to flip my sleep schedule but I look forward to those first quiet productive nights prior to reintegrating to my favorite hometown.

Rested and inspired I return home. Secrets whispered to me from the grandmother energy of the tall tall trees to the great blue depths of lake Tahoe fill my psyche. Biking across pearlescent desert dreamscapes cloud my periphery, breathtaking turn after breathtaking turn of making our way down the 1 collecting moonstones straight from the ocean fill my daydreams, floating in the meditation pool in Sierraville’s hot springs watching shooting stars paint the sky. Reality takes on such vivid flight it’s almost hard to believe that these moments of grandeur and natures majesty are blossoming all around us in real time.

So many old friends surfaced I barely had time to realize I was only visiting. Super outpouring of love to all of those that made my trip extra special out on the west coast! From canyon view outdoor dance parties to sunset ocean-front weddings to fresh seared tuna in the middle of the Black Rock Desert- every moment of the past month has been a dream come true.

Thank you world for all the magick you weave in each direction and the infinite joy in which it brings.